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Bassenthwaite Lake Bassenthwaite Lake is the most northerly of the lakes and also one of the largest at about 4 miles long and 3/4 mile wide. This is the only body of water in the Lake District to actually have the word "lake" in its name, although it used to be known as Broadwater.

The A66 borders the West side of the lake, where there are laybyes to allow people to stop and enjoy the view towards Skiddaw or gain access to the West shore.

Powered craft (except for rescue boats) are banned from the lake which is home to the Bassentwaite Sailing Club, whose boats can ofen be seen sailing across the water. There is an annual regatta, around the first week in August, where the sails make a colourful site across the water.

The Southern part of the lake is boggy with reed beds, which provide a protected habitat for water foul, and otters have been observed there, too. A public hide is located beside the lake on the South West shore. Since 2001 ospreys have nested beside the lake and the magnificent birds can be seen catching fish in late Spring/Summer. A telescope equipped viewpoint from which to observe the birds has been established on Dodd, on the South Eastern edge of the lake.

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